Welcome to Tarrytech’s Shadow Support!

We are excited to be working with you! Please take a moment to review the best ways to contact Tarrytech for support desk services.

Contacting Tarrytech

There are three ways to open up a support ticket:


1: Email

Send an email to When we receive your request, you will receive a confirmation email that your support ticket was created. Please use this confirmation email (or subsequent emails in the thread) to reply back to the technician assigned, or to update any information on your ticket. Our ticketing system will continue to update the progress of your ticket through completion.

2: Telephone

Call the Tarrytech Help Desk at 914-432-3056. Your calls will be answered live by our dispatch agent. We will collect your information and support details, and create a ticket. You will receive an email confirmation of the ticket creation. Your ticket will then be assigned to the appropriate support personnel.

CRITICAL SUPPORT can be obtained by calling 914-432-3056 and selecting Option 8. Please note – Option 8 is NOT announced in the greeting, and is reserved for your organization to receive support for CRITICAL network issues. When you use this option, your call will be routed directly to the support staff on call.


3: Portal

A support ticket can be created by accessing the Tarrytech Support Portal by pointing your browser to OR by right clicking on the Tarrytech agent logo on the bottom right of your computer screen, and clicking Service Ticket (see image below):


You will be prompted for your login info. Tarrytech will send you this information via email, with the subject Tarrytech Portal Access. You will be prompted to change your password the first time you login. Please keep a copy of your login information for your records.

The portal is a great way to manage your tickets, update notes, and receive updates on your ticket status. Historical support information is also available through the portal.

Please keep in mind that Tarrytech constantly monitors all support issues, regardless of how they are created, but you must use one of the aforementioned methods to receive prompt support. Please do not leave support messages on voicemail or email of individual staff when creating a ticket! If they are out of the office, the items may not be addressed in a timely manner.

Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you! We are excited to be providing support services for your firm, and your 100% satisfaction is our goal! If there is anything that we can do to make your experience better, or provide a higher level of service, do not hesitate to reach out to us and let us know!

Best Regards,
The Tarrytech Team