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Mark Habeeb, Premiere Business Innovations


Mark Habeeb, President of Premiere Business Innovations, talks to Tarrytech’s Jamie Kudla about the importance of training his team, and leveraging technology to improve service and response times. Mark also discusses how he found opportunities during the COVID pandemic through the addition of a new service.

Christina Rae, President of Buzz Creators, Inc.


Christina Rae, President of Buzz Creators, talks to Jamie about the importance of customization and adaptability when designing PR and marketing solutions for her clients. She also discusses how technology and video meetings have increased the speed of product delivery and deadlines. Culture is also important at Buzz Creators. Learn from Christina the importance of having a two-way relationship with both your team and clients.

Bruce Steinfeld, President of Bit by Bit Computer Consultants


Bruce Steinfeld, President of Bit by Bit Computer Consultants, discusses with Jamie how he has become a better business owner over the last 33 years. A few important improvements he’s accomplished include the hiring process, coaching up a strong management team, and designing career paths for his team. Being an early adopter of technology and a recurring revenue model, has also strengthened his position as a market leader.

Matthew Gordon Discusses How to Successfully Define Your Company’s Purpose, Value, and Mission Statement


Matthew Gordon is CEO and President of two firms located in Greenwich, CT. As a true business leader, Matthew has grown both companies to revenues exceeding $6M. He discusses strategies including designing your own products, selling directly to consumers, the importance of using technology to reinforce the processes in your business, and achieving results with a strong planning process.

Bud Hammer, President of Atlantic Westchester Discusses the Power of Instant Access to Information and How to be Successful When Working Through a Problem


Bud Hammer, the veteran owner of commercial HVAC company, Atlantic Westchester, discusses the power of instant access to information, and to be truly successful, you must not give up when you are working through a problem. Bud and Jamie discuss important information on how their businesses have continued to see success over the years and tips on how to stay successful specifically during the pandemic. Possibly the best part of the conversation comes from Bud’s comments on what has made his company stronger. In his words, “It’s simple. It’s the people.”

Steve Jagde, Seasoned NY Metro Business Leader, Shares His Tips On Delivering Excellence


Steve Jagde is currently creating high-powered teams and delivering thought leadership as the Director of Operations and Development at Daybreak Independent Services. However, Steve has been delivering his unique brand of excellence at several positions with NY Metro businesses over the past few decades. Steve discusses with Jamie, how he successfully made companies better, faster, and stronger by defining his ideal customer, eliminating bottlenecks, and using KPIs to drive results.