Dr. Sunni Lampasso, PhD, BCBA, Clinical Psychologist and Founder/CEO or Shaping Success, LLC, Shares Her Knowledge and Perspective On How To Be Better, Faster and Stronger.

Dr. Sunni Lampasso is a clinical psychologist and professional coach. Besides her busy clinical practice in Scarsdale, NY, she is also the Founder and CEO of Shaping Success Consulting. Shaping Success partners with professionals and organizations to deliver guidance and knowledge to achieve personal, professional and organizational success. By combining Dr. Lampasso’s expertise in human behavior with research-based assessments, she helps her clients to realize their full potential. Dr. Lampasso collaborates with her clients to bridge the gap between where they are professionally and where they want to be. On episode 14 of Better, Faster and Stronger, Dr. Lampasso shares her knowledge and perspective with James.

Dr. Sunni Lampasso, PhD, BCBA. Clinical Psychologist in private practice and Founder/CEO of Shaping Success, LLC
Company Website: https://www.shapingsuccessconsulting.com
Sunni’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunnilampasso/

Jamie Kudla, President, Tarrytech Computer Consultants
Company Website:http://www.tarrytech.com
Jamie’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-kudla-6527b134/