COVID-19 Top Cybersecurity Practices Webinar

Preventing a Cyber Pandemic

Tarrytech and InSOC would like to share with you a recording of a webinar where we discussed ways to prevent cybersecurity breaches during these trying times. The webinar is called COVID-19 Top Cybersecurity Practices is ran by Eric Rockwell from InSOC and James Kudla of Tarrytech. The focus is preventing a cyber pandemic.

Some of the main points discussed talks about Hackers getting organized and creating a cyber criminal covid-19 playbook to gain access to you and to your data. They know that more and more people are working remotely and are using it to their advantage. There have been over 4000 bogus domains purchased related to Covid-19. The cyber hacker has a main goal of sending out ransomware to you or to someone you know.

Cyber Criminals

  • Have created a covid-19 playbook
  • Want access to you and your data
  • Know more people are working remotely
  • Purchased over 4000 bogus domains related to covid-10

The way to help you and your company prevent a cyber pandemic is to implement top security controls for your organization and network to destroy the cybercriminal kill chain. The security controls are based on the NIST 800 Cyber Security Framework. They will focus on addressing security controls focusing on working remotely and how the cyber criminals plan to take advantage of the covid-19 outbreak. The top 5 vulnerabilities will be discussed during this webinar to help you understand where the biggest risk can be found on your network.


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