Our Clients

Victoria Stipicevic

My company had been using Tarrytech as our IT solution for a few years when they presented their new VoIP Phone System to us. After experiencing the great customer service, knowledge, care, and planning they put into their IT service there was almost no hesitation to allow Tarrytech to take over one of the most important functions of our company, our phones. As with any major change we were nervous and had many questions, but Tarrytech was beyond prepared and presented us with a fool proof plan that put us at ease. The migration process was well thought out and customized to our needs, every little detail was accounted for. They developed a strategy to make the switchover seamless and it was! Tarrytech also came onsite to train my employees to make sure we were well prepared to go live with the new system. They stayed for as long as we needed and came back a few extra times when we asked with no problems. We’ve been using the Tarrytech VoIP Phone System for a while now and have no complaints or doubts about our decision to switch. We now receive the same quality service for our phones that we receive for our IT, instead of waiting hours or days for a response from those “big providers”. We’ve just scratched the surface of what their VoIP Phone Solution can do for our company, having the system in the cloud has opened so many possibilities for improvements, but with the Tarrytech team there to help, guide us, and make us aware of functions beneficial to us I know we’ll be using the product to its full potential.

Office Manager
All County Bus

Krista Beggan

The part I like the best about Tarrytech's services is that the response time is GREAT! I know I'm getting a call or email within an hour to discuss my concern. When I get on a call to resolve an issue, I am also able to bring up another concern on the same call - even if it wasn't my original concern. That's a benefit to me as I'm often juggling a lot of technology at one time and don't remember to open an individual ticket each time.

Operations Manager
Katon Direct

Abraham Almanza

Tarrytech is highly attentive and I receive a prompt response whenever I have a need. About a year ago, we upgraded our network during a particularly busy time of year. The switchover was seamless, and it gave us the confidence to move forward with other IT projects without fear. The biggest benefit in working with Tarrytech is having a forecast of our future needs. This is invaluable as we budget for IT projects.

Volunteer Manager
Make-A-Wish Hudson Valley

Adam Friedlander

Since working with Tarrytech, we experience fewer viruses and issues. When we need service, you are responsive and friendly!

The Friedlander Group

Claudine McGinnity

The best decision we could have made regarding our IT needs was selecting Tarrytech. We love the team and their response time. Tarrytech takes a proactive approach to the infrastructure management, which has significantly decreased the number of issues our users experience.

Tarrytech is a big enough company to address all our needs, but personal enough that we have direct access to the owner if needed.

VP of Operations
Katz & Associates

Jeff Sages

The response times are great from Tarrytech when we have any problem that needs to be addressed quickly. Even the smaller issues are addressed quickly. Recently (on Superbowl Sunday!) I submitted a support ticket for a non-critical issue that I was certain would not be addressed until Monday. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a response and the answer within 30 minutes. I couldn’t ask for a better response time on a non-emergency item. So, on Monday I already had the answers I needed to configure the other devices for use by my team on a job site. I also value Tarrytech’s experience in the IT field when they make recommendations for network upgrades. Their experience provides me with the comfort level I need to make these important IT decisions.

General Superintendent
Belway Electric

Lewis Finn

I really have to thank you and your team for the flawless job you guys did today converting us to the new server. Planning for the worst I told most of our team they would be here until 6:30 tonight and they are ecstatic that they will be going home on time. You did a fabulous job of keeping me in the loop, coordinating with the software vendor, and executing the plan. The two and a half hours we were down seemed very short and stress free. Joe being here through the conversion was also a great plan. He really took the pressure off of me and he was quick to fix tiny problems that arose. He was meticulous in having use double and triple check all of our systems and printers. I'm extremely confident that everything is going to work perfectly going forward next week.

I can't say enough good things about Tarrytech. Every time we've contracted a service with your company, you have delivered way beyond expectations. I'm thankful that we were introduced to your guys five years ago!

Control Supply Corp

Lisa Fitzmaurice

We moved one of our office this past August. Tarrytech was an integral part of the planning process in the several months leading up to the actual move. Tarrytech sent 2 specialists to our new office on “move day” and they worked tirelessly until after 9PM until everything was up and running. We couldn’t have done this without them!

VP of Finance
Katz & Associates

Marlen Bracho

When working with Tarrytech, I’m most impressed with the personal attention we receive at Oak Beverages. I like that all the reps know my business and the ins and outs of what we do! They have been great in helping manage the relationship and fixing chronic issues with a software vendor we use internally. As a company that always requires access to our systems, we have peace of mind knowing that Tarrytech is available to us 24x7.

Oak Beverages

Racquel Palmer

Tarrytech has great turnaround time on IT issues. Not only are they highly responsive, but they get to the root of an issue, rather than just applying a quick fix. When we have issues, Tarrytech listens to my concerns and acts on the issue, rather than answering with tech jargon. Customer service seems to be a high priority for Tarrytech, a trait that I feel has been lost these days with most companies. Working with Tarrytech, we have less technical issues than we have ever had in the past. Keep up the good work!

Finance Director
Garrison Golf Club

Tom Conklin

Tarrytech is always professional, responsive, and ready to offer suggestions on how best to protect and improve our systems. It’s nice having peace of mind and one less thing to worry about with Tarrytech on our team.

President & CEO
Make-A-Wish Hudson Valley

Laurie Donald

After our first consultation with James Kudla in 2012, we subsequently hired Tarrytech to set up our network, including a new server, local and cloud back-up, and workstations. They have since provided uncompromising service and support. The staff at Tarrytech is responsive, professional and courteous. You have a sense that they have your best interest in mind, and take the time to listen. Knowing Tarrytech is there to advise and support us brings piece of mind, and allows us to concentrate on the work at hand.

Working with us to reassess our growing needs, Tarrytech just recently reconfigured and expanded our system to provide greater speed, accessibility, and storage. Efficiently and within budget.

I would and do highly recommend Tarrytech to help find the optimal solution for you.

Bernstein Associates, Photographers

Peter Kelly

Tarrytech Computer Consultants has supported the computer networks in my restaurants for the past four years. They provide fast, competent support, innovative solutions, and have provided a stable, efficient computing environment. They are a valuable business partner, and I would recommend them for your business.

Xaviar’s Restaurant Group

Josh Miller

It is with great pleasure to highly recommend the professional staff of Tarrytech Computer Consultants for all office technology needs. Tarrytech is a professional company with talented staff, excellent service and superior response to the needs of their clients.

The staff at Tarrytech, led by their President and owner, James Kudla, affectionately known as Jamie, is well-trained and vastly knowledgeable on all aspects of network and desktop administration, server management, problem tracking and management and all other important criteria related to operating an IT department smoothly. Their patient and effective support has worked with us not only during the business day when their help has been needed the most, but has been available and has assisted after normal business hours and on weekends. The accessibility to support that Tarrytech has provided, while maintaining its professionalism and dedication to quality has secured Tarrytech as our only IT consulting provider.

Throughout my tenure, I have not encountered a consulting company as honest, professional, skilled and available as Tarrytech and their introduction has greatly improved the way that my company has operated with its office technology. Their ability to integrate with our internal help desk has created a strong customer-vendor relationship that is highly valued and important to a smooth, ongoing operation. Their virtual “around the clock” support has provided comfort and security to our management and we are confident that with Tarrytech, we have no reason to worry.

Again, it is with great pleasure that on behalf of my company, that I personally recommend Tarrytech Computer Consultants for all computer consulting and support needs. They are an asset to any business in need of a reliable, accessible and professional support team.


Gary Murphy

I wanted to formally thank you and let you know how pleased we are with Tarrytech. Your company has exceeded our expectations. All the new hardware, software, data migration, customization and ongoing support are excellent. A few areas that have impressed me:

Proposals are always turned around fast, are very detailed and accurate.

Your staff arrives on time, prepared, and completely understands the task in front of them. Plus, they are friendly and always solution oriented.

You and your staff seem to live, eat, and breathe technology. You always have solutions that allow us to leverage the latest technology while understanding we are a business and have to work within a budget.

The seamless coordination between sales, implementation, and support.

The remote maintenance work you provide in the evenings does not impact my office staff.

Personally what I like the most since the switch to Tarrytech is I no longer have to labor over IT decisions. I trust you and your employees completely to make solid recommendations and stand behind them. Over the years you have done this without exception.

Thanks again for the terrific service.

Director of Operations / Owner
Maid Brigade

Dara Onofrio

I am the owner of a boutique intellectual property law firm in Rockland County. I moved my offices from New York City almost 4 years ago to our present location in Piermont, NY. I’ve been in practice almost 20 years and have dealt with many different computer consultants and can sincerely say that Tarrytech is the most professional and competent company I have dealt with.

Jamie Kudla and his company made our transition into our new offices painless. From the initial setup of our wireless network and internet phone system to the day to day maintenance – Jamie and his staff have been outstanding in providing efficient, economical and courteous service for whatever problems we have encountered. We are currently in the process of upgrading our server and software, and have entrusted this job to Tarrytech because we know that it will be done swiftly and without interference to my business. I will continue to use Tarrytech for all my computer related needs as long as I am in business.

Onofrio Law

William Amendolare

It’s interesting how we tend to forget what we went through in the past. At one time our company was getting service from a computer firm that was both less than what we could tolerate and embodied a bad attitude. We evaluated a few firms with an eye to replacing this deficient one. Then a business associated recommended we speak with Tarrytech Computer Consultants. They provided a way of handily managing more than our network and leveraged the Kaseya Platform to provide solutions for both our in-house and remote situations.

We upgraded our technology this year with sound recommendation from the Tarrytech staff. This firm is cutting edge, service minded, and on the right track. You will never be disappointed with the knowledgeable service, their perseverance in finding a solution to any problem and their unending personal attention to a client’s specific needs.

President and CEO
Coverage Marketplace Corp.

Tarrytech has been doing computer work for our district since mid 2005. We have found Tarrytech to be very responsive to our needs. In particular, there is a true understanding of the unique needs of the emergency services field.

Tarrytech has established an outstanding rapport with our district. They are highly motivated and their work is done is a timely manner, is consistently very thorough, and is always fairly priced.

We highly recommend Tarrytech to our fellow fire districts. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Greenville Fire Department

About eight years ago, a mutual client recommended a better system of network management. He suggested we call and interview Tarrytech Computer Consultants. Once we went over their complete computer management system and their proactive leadership to keep us on top technologically, we moved forward with them. The change was seamless and we couldn’t be happier.

The important ingredient is a friendly, high caliber leadership and staff. We recommend Tarrytech Computer Consultants highly.

President & CEO
Hytape International

Tarrytech Computer Consultants has been the technology partner for my firm for the last 6 years. Prior to using their services, our network was slow and unreliable. Tarrytech analyzed our network, and was able to reconfigure our existing hardware and software so that it was robust and efficient.

We have recently expanded our firm and changed locations, and enlisted Tarrytech to facilitate. They were able to cost effectively implement a new server and migrate all of our software and data with no down time for our staff. Furthermore, their extensive knowledge of phone systems and internetworking systems enabled them to execute a plan that had our office operational within four hours of our move.

Finally, they are always highly responsive to our ongoing support needs.

We highly recommends Tarrytech Computer Consultants as an outsourced technology partner.

Tobin & Company, CPAs

In February 2008 our company’s offices were destroyed by a fire which also claimed our IT room and all of our equipment. As a distribution company we rely on our data processing systems for all phases of our business and I quickly came to realize that without our data we were not truly back in business. Surprisingly, finding an off the shelf server was not nearly as easy as I though and my search eventually led me to Tarrytech Computer Consultants. Responding to my desperate situation, Jamie Kudla was able to divert a small server that was preordered for another client (with that client’s permission) and a couple of days into our recovery we had an operating server and virtually all of our data restored intact. In the days that followed the technicians at Tarrytech spent a great deal of time assisting us with every aspect of restoring our full data processing operation, from helping us wire a temporary office, to ordering equipment, to installing a very unique custom designed wireless bridge that allowed our main building to communicate wirelessly with the temporary server some 800 feet away in our relocated office. To this day, I can’t settle on whether it was the “can do” attitude of every member of Tarrytech’s staff or the 24/7 availability in our time of need that made me realize what a valuable asset Tarrytech could be to our firm.

Fifteen months later we moved back into our main building and Tarrytech installed a state of the art data processing center serving our three locations and approximately thirty users. Not only was Tarrytech competitively priced for this procedure, but they proved themselves as an invaluable partner during both the planning and implementation; much more so that I can say of any previous IT service provider we have employed.

Having fully recovered from a major disaster I did not need to be sold on the importance of redundant backups. In discussing backups during a planning meeting for our new system with the Tarrytech staff I was introduced to their Shadow Support Solution of managed services. After experiencing the dynamic professionalism of this company firsthand I was more than happy to engage them for all facets of backup as well as system security, user support, and software maintenance. I could not be more pleased. We run flawlessly, I have been relieved of the chores and responsibilities I used to have as the network “go to” guy in our firm, and we have all the functionality and benefits of a dedicated IT employee at a fraction of the cost. At first glance Shadow Support may seem expensive; however I strongly believe that not having this suite of services would be much more costly to our company in the final analysis.

I strongly recommend Tarrytech Computer Consultants and especially their Shadow Support to any company that has a day-to-day reliance on their network and/or their data processing systems. Both have become an integral and vital part of our operation.

Palace Supply

Chris Affronti

At first we had our own in-house IT but it was not working well for us. Since working with Tarrytech, they have provided structure and accountability. They pay attention to tickets and get them resolved fast. Tarrytech is well versed in their field and stay true to what they do.

Bedford Post Inn

John Frank

Tarrytech is extraordinarily responsive. Once an issue arises, they are immediately working to get it resolved. The Tarrytech team keeps me informed throughout the entire process which gives me a sense of comfort knowing that there is movement on the case.


Kathryn Stupple

Getting all the "summertime" POS stations up and running was the smoothest ever this year. So far, after 8 months, we are pleased with the service - very friendly, reliable and responsive staff.

Greenwich Country Club

Lynn Capiola

Tarrytech was able to offer us a new technology that allowed our company to grow. Everyone is very responsive. When a ticket is placed it is done in a timely manner and we are not just a number waiting.

RX Vitamins, Inc.

Michael Patterson

With a problematic Server update we had Tarrytech on the phone with our users getting reconnected and when it was apparent that there was a hardware issue with one machine, we had a Tarrytech person onsite within a few hours. As a managed IT service, they are concerned about the same thing we are, uptime and productivity. Being on the same side in this fashion is key, as both our goals are aligned.

Pook Diemont & Ohl, Inc. / acouStaCorp LLC

Tiffany Goodin

Tarrytech's response time has been incredible. In the past we would occasionally have to wait days for support that has never been the case with Tarrytech at all. Another item that sets Tarrytech apart is the fact that they understand small businesses and the challenges that they face. Many times with other companies a small business feels like because we're not as large as other clients we're not as important and we've never felt that way with Tarrytech. Lastly everyone at our office also enjoys the monthly newsletter. It's very informative.

The Center for Small Jewels, Inc

Claudine McGinnity

Just want to thank you and your team. Can’t tell you how wonderful things are going. We finally feel like we are being serviced. Thank you!

VP, Operations
Katz & Associates Corporation