Josh Miller

It is with great pleasure to highly recommend the professional staff of Tarrytech Computer Consultants for all office technology needs. Tarrytech is a professional company with talented staff, excellent service and superior response to the needs of their clients.

The staff at Tarrytech, led by their President and owner, James Kudla, affectionately known as Jamie, is well-trained and vastly knowledgeable on all aspects of network and desktop administration, server management, problem tracking and management and all other important criteria related to operating an IT department smoothly. Their patient and effective support has worked with us not only during the business day when their help has been needed the most, but has been available and has assisted after normal business hours and on weekends. The accessibility to support that Tarrytech has provided, while maintaining its professionalism and dedication to quality has secured Tarrytech as our only IT consulting provider.

Throughout my tenure, I have not encountered a consulting company as honest, professional, skilled and available as Tarrytech and their introduction has greatly improved the way that my company has operated with its office technology. Their ability to integrate with our internal help desk has created a strong customer-vendor relationship that is highly valued and important to a smooth, ongoing operation. Their virtual “around the clock” support has provided comfort and security to our management and we are confident that with Tarrytech, we have no reason to worry.

Again, it is with great pleasure that on behalf of my company, that I personally recommend Tarrytech Computer Consultants for all computer consulting and support needs. They are an asset to any business in need of a reliable, accessible and professional support team.

Josh Miller