In February 2008 our company’s offices were destroyed by a fire which also claimed our IT room and all of our equipment. As a distribution company we rely on our data processing systems for all phases of our business and I quickly came to realize that without our data we were not truly back in business. Surprisingly, finding an off the shelf server was not nearly as easy as I though and my search eventually led me to Tarrytech Computer Consultants. Responding to my desperate situation, Jamie Kudla was able to divert a small server that was preordered for another client (with that client’s permission) and a couple of days into our recovery we had an operating server and virtually all of our data restored intact. In the days that followed the technicians at Tarrytech spent a great deal of time assisting us with every aspect of restoring our full data processing operation, from helping us wire a temporary office, to ordering equipment, to installing a very unique custom designed wireless bridge that allowed our main building to communicate wirelessly with the temporary server some 800 feet away in our relocated office. To this day, I can’t settle on whether it was the “can do” attitude of every member of Tarrytech’s staff or the 24/7 availability in our time of need that made me realize what a valuable asset Tarrytech could be to our firm.

Fifteen months later we moved back into our main building and Tarrytech installed a state of the art data processing center serving our three locations and approximately thirty users. Not only was Tarrytech competitively priced for this procedure, but they proved themselves as an invaluable partner during both the planning and implementation; much more so that I can say of any previous IT service provider we have employed.

Having fully recovered from a major disaster I did not need to be sold on the importance of redundant backups. In discussing backups during a planning meeting for our new system with the Tarrytech staff I was introduced to their Shadow Support Solution of managed services. After experiencing the dynamic professionalism of this company firsthand I was more than happy to engage them for all facets of backup as well as system security, user support, and software maintenance. I could not be more pleased. We run flawlessly, I have been relieved of the chores and responsibilities I used to have as the network “go to” guy in our firm, and we have all the functionality and benefits of a dedicated IT employee at a fraction of the cost. At first glance Shadow Support may seem expensive; however I strongly believe that not having this suite of services would be much more costly to our company in the final analysis.

I strongly recommend Tarrytech Computer Consultants and especially their Shadow Support to any company that has a day-to-day reliance on their network and/or their data processing systems. Both have become an integral and vital part of our operation.

Scott Hartman
Palace Supply